Emotionism-Art & Emotionist Art Movement History From 1923 - 2012 :

Emotionist Art Movement - Emotionist Group : 1923

Founded in 1923 by painter Ronald Ossory Dunlop it is still known as a somewhat obscure society of artists, writers and musicians. This society published its own magazine 'Emotionism' only two editions of which are known to exist. Their exhibitions took place at the Hurricane Lamp Gallery in Chelsea's Cheyne Walk. Other members of the group were Peggy Ashcroft who was a poetry writer before becoming famous as a great stage actress, Jean Shepeard, Dunlop's lover, Clifford Hooper Rowe who went on to help establish the AIA, and a young Victor Burr an acolyte of Dunlop. They met and exhibited their work at the Hurricane Lamp Gallery which was located on Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.

link: http://www.artbiogs.co.uk/2/societies/emotionist-group

In the year 2010 Norma began a new style of contemporary art, Emotionism -Art: the formless art of human emotion. The first public exhibition was at a local art exhibit in June 2012. 

The Exhibition generated alot of interest in the emotionism-art style. In the space of 3 months from the first emotionism-art public exhibition:


  • More future art exhititions have been booked for 2013
  • 2 galleries represent the emotionism-art artist Norma Duncan 
  • Emotionism-Art workshops have been booked for october 2012 and june 2013
  • More works have been created for commercial art market
  • More works are being created - The original ornamant and modified vase volt gallery will open on november 2012
  • The Street Art meets Emotionism-Art movement project starts in december 2012 - This will be open to other artist who wish to take part in the projects or created their own evoled emotionism-art style. 
  • Designer Contemporary Digital Minimalist Balloons - limited edition for 2012 go on sale in mid September 2012.  
  • and more works are being created. 


The artist is scheduled to teach the first public emotionism-art work shop in October 2012. Details will be shared on the emotionism-art movement/ projects FB & Twitter forums.


Highlights June 2012 - September 2012 

Artists can join the art movement. The forums are created to showcase other emotionism artists. A place to connect the public to the art movement, other emotionism-art exhibitions and a opportunity for curators and investors in art to browse and contact more emotionism artists. 


Two future public art exhibitions and future public emotionism-art sessions have been secheduled for summer 2013. Details to be announced on the future Emotionism-Art Exihibtions page. 



Two galleries represent the artist and the collectors limited edition prints.

www.opalpictureframesandgallery.com and the other to be announced.


The emotionism-art style evovled and new moods and atmosphere art was created. These E-Art moods and Atmospheres are for commercial clientele. Moods to lift . add style to the bar. hotel, reception, office . yacht or home. They are unqiue and are in limited edition print. - View exclusive commercial art sales gallery www.emotionism-art.co.uk - View commercial art gallery in the home menu.


The official emotionism-art website went live on August 27th 2012. 


Demand for the new style of contempoaray art is increase. New art movement pojects will be exhibited on the official emotionism-art movement projects forums. Check the forums to see how this new style of art will evolve. 


2013 London Spring Private Art Workshop Dates/ Details/  Announced. See Private Art Group Workshops For Full Details.


Read more about the innovative styles of emotionism-art.

21st Century Emotionism by other Active Emotionism Artists:

More 21st Century Emotionism - Formed - Landscapes and Portraits Links:



 Join the movement contribute to the movement. Share works, topics, projects and emotionism art moevement activities and exhibitions. UK & International Emotionism Art Forum - Coming Soon.

Emotionism-Art Artist: N.Duncan 03 -03 -2013 


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