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In The Year 2010  Norma began a new style of contemporary art,  Emotionism -Art: the formless art of human emotion. The first public exhibition was at a local art exhibit in June 2012. 

Emotionism-Art Style Mediums:


  • Acrylic / Water Colour/ Crayon/ Poster Paint/ Felt Tip and more
  • Various different paper used for back drop
  • Bubbles
  • Sunlight 
  • Rice Grains
  • Ice
  • Digital Art programme
  • Digital programmes : Digital camera and scanner - colours are enhanced on pc/ laptop with digital art & photography programme and also art photography to capture sunlight and bubbles and bubbles and acrylic master works. 

About The Emotionism-Art Style

Emotionism-Art is a 21st century style of contemporary abstract expressionism. 

Emotionism-Art - The Formless Art of Human Emotion Series, visually expresses human emotion at its core subconscious state.


Human emotion expressed through a variety of shapes, colours and mediums. Traditional painting techniques enhanced by digital programs create a unique original piece of digital art. 


Digital art photography generated a splendor of new original works, bubbles, acrylics and sunlight used as the medium for some of the emotionism-art prints. 


See below list of some mediums and techniques used in the collectorsand select commercial art series:


New Lines Being Added

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