Emotionism-Art is an online blue-chip art & design brand  based in Surrey UK.

We have been growing online for 10-years with presence in 50+ countries.


of Emotionism-Art.


In Jan 2023, we are pleased to announce we have been awarded:


LUXLife Magazine Style & Apparel Award Winners 2022

Most Sustainable Luxury  Clothing Brand 2022  - Surrey UK



Currently we are in our scale operations incubation period.  Transitioning from sole trader into      multi-award-winning LTD company brand ,  onboarding various major UK, US & International  partners to support delivery of new product line launches across UK & INT niche luxury markets.




 We focus on D2C I B2B I B2B2C consumer markets, and specialise in  

 art  – design - cosmetics – luxury retail & shopping  products & services within the following             sectors:


  • Blue-Chip Physical & Digital NFT Art Asset Products
  • Luxury Interior Design Products
  • High-End Luxury Fashion Products
  • Sustainable Cosmetics Products
  • Sustainable Subsidiary Retail & Shopping  Products & Services



 You can review some of our products by request, and contact us directly for  information about our   new exciting  lines at: studio@emotionism-art.co.uk



Offical Press Release Link: https://www.lux-review.com/luxlife-magazine-uncovers-the-winners-of-the-style-and-apparel-awards/  


Official Statement: Norma Duncan, Artist, New Technology Inventor and Designer  Jan 2023 




During 2020-present we have set-up our startup tech & digigital company :

HMG Global Monument Heritage Group Ltd

www.hmg-global.co.uk  New technololgy inventor & CEO Norma Duncan. 



August 31st 2022 emotionism-art.co.uk  are pleased to anounce, we have become a UK award winning brand 

UK Enterprise Awards 2022 Winners - Best Online Blue-Chip Art & Design Brand - South East SME News. 



January 27th 2023 emotionism-art.co.uk are pleased to anounce, we have become a multi-award winning brand

LUXlife Awards 2022 Winners - Most Sustainable Luxury Clothing Brand - Surrey UK LUXlife Magazine. 



Thank you for your support, 

Product launch dates, Exhibitions and more TBA soon. 



Best wishes

Norma Duncan
Emotionism-Art Movement Founder Artist CEO.
Official Public Statement: Januaury 27th 2023. 


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