Official Statement: Norma Duncan, Artist, New Technology Inventor and Designer.

Emotional and testing times for the world, but I believe we can overcome anything and everything and we all are in the same situation no matter who we are and what we do we must stay safe first.

My prayers and thoughts are with the world and my advice is to stay strong, rational and proceed to take all measures instructed by the health officials.


It is with great regret my plans with several museum quality cutting-edge and ground-breaking art collection exhibition proposals will have to indeed be postponed until further notice.

The new ready to wear fashion lines, limited edition art and interior lines will not be released until further notice. -No online order service at present.

My new larger studio / gallery and boutique premises move will indeed be postponed until further notice. -At present plans may be able to continue from spring 2021.


The world still turns, and I would urge my customers, supporters and followers to focus on staying upbeat, staying healthy and I`ll meet you all on the other side of this.

Stay safe my supporters, e-art lovers and art movement artists.

Norma Duncan
Emotionism-Art Movement Founder.
Official Public Statement: 19th March 2020.

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